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Wild Willy's concept was dreamed up by Jim Williams and realized when he opened his first restaurant in York, Maine in 2001. A 17 year veteran of the fast food burger world, Mr. Williams decided to open his own restaurant where everything was dedicated to quality rather than speed. Hence his favorite expression, "Real Burgers for Real Burger Lovers". Every decision he makes is in pursuit of this goal!

Jim's wife Meredith has been at his side for almost 50 years helping to make his dreams a reality. Jim and Meredith were fortunate to have their oldest son, Jim P, join them as a General Manager shortly after they opened. The three of them have made it a family affair and so far no one has thrown any dishes!!

As Wild Willy's reputation grew Mr. Williams was approached by individuals interested in opening their own Wild Willy's. After designing his Licensing System Mr. Williams accepted two applicants. The second restaurant opened in Watertown, MA and the third in Rochester, NH. From this beginning Wild Willy's has expanded to six restaurants in three states.

Mr. Williams is very proud of the fact that the Wild Willy's concept was leading the pack in the "great burger expansion" of the last ten years. Fresh Certified Angus Beef, hand made meat patties, All Natural Beef, Bison Burgers, hand cut steak sandwiches, Grass Fed Beef, Porterhouse Burgers, fresh marinated chicken sandwiches, draft root beer, and fresh cut fries are among the many items that make up the Wild Willy's menu.

In addition, he has developed a production system that sequences the cooking times enabling the various products to be finished at the same time. No finished product is cooked in advance. When the customer orders a burger it goes on the grill and not before! Wild Willy's is not fast food, but rather "real food".

Wild Willy's licensees are encouraged to be innovative Although 95% of the menu is consistent from store to store each restaurant has a few unique items. For example Watertown has Grass Fed Beef, South Portland has Gold Nuggets, Quincy has a foot long hot dog, York has Herb Tossed Fries and so on.

Each of the Wild Willy's decors is the product of the imagination of the owners. When you visit one of our locations you will more than likely meet the owner. Say hello and thank you so much for your business.

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