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Wild Willys York, ME

Wild Willys York, ME

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Map to York ME Wild Willy's

York, Maine
The original Wild Willy'sWild Willy's Burgers
765 US Route 1
York, ME 03909
Phone:  1-207-363-9924

Mon - Sat
Closed Sundays
Closed January & February
MC/Visa accepted

The original Wild Willy's was opened by Jim and Meredith Williams in May 2001. They wanted to open a neighborhood burger place to service the locals and many tourists that visit the Southern Maine seacoast area. They love chatting and kidding with the many customers that find their way into Wild Willy's. They love their "Willy virgins"and "repeat offenders"!

  Jim was raised during the 1940's and 50's Meredith and Wild Willywhich was the era of the cowboys on television and in the movies. Like many old characters his age, he loves the lore of the old West. Hence the western décor in all of the Wild Willy's restaurants!

Jim, AKA Wild Willy, is an old Mainer who doesn't like change. Nothing fancy, just good old fashioned cooking. No frou-frou burgers for him!

He loves nothing more than to greet folks from "away", so when you come into Wild Willy's in York, Maine always ask for the old boy. He is usually there or has been known to sneak a nap or two in his office.

The York restaurant is managed by Jim the "younger" Williams. Jim graduated from Roger Williams University and went on to receive his Masters from the University of New Hampshire and his Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin.

Young Jim is assisted by his wife Kris and Jason Moore who has been assistant manager since the beginning of Wild Willy's.

It is this team and our loyal and wonderful staff that has helped us to build our reputation.



Wild Willy's

Wild Willy's

Wild Willys York, ME
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