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  • Sarah S
    Sarah S.
    fantastic food. lots of working. friendly staff. definitely better than by other burger bar in the area!
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  • Edward N
    Edward N.
    best burger in town. great place to stop by for a bite with friends for lunch.
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  • Charlotte F
    Charlotte F.
    wow! what can i say their burgers are just delicious! i ordered wicked good and it wow really good.
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Only Fresh Ingredients

We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you
deserve the best.


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Made With Love

Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be
– from start to finish.



About Us

Since its earliest days, Wild Willy’s has been called the best burger restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire serving amazing food for customers of all ages, perfect at any time of day and any occasion. While there are many great things that can be said about us, it is our well-curated menu items, efficient and impressive service, and perfectly situated location that make us the most popular choice for locals of Rochester and even guests. That’s why when you’re looking for a top restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire, you will see our name.

Our special house burgers are made really carefully from the freshest, finest ingredients, grilled to perfection with the finest techniques to give it a consistent taste only Wild Willy’s can bring. Our main courses are cooked to perfection to fill you up enough while giving your palate a unique but delicious experience any other place can’t offer. All from our secret recipes, we’ve kept every menu item taste great and the same, so you can always come to us whenever you’re craving burgers. We are called the best burger restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire for the great food, but not just that, also for our mindfulness to our customers with special diets. That’s because we have alternatives to restrictions and healthy options here, too! We’re the most optimal choice for anyone who’s working on their body goals, or the health-conscious ones who love flavorful food but without the guilt. No wonder we’re called the “Best Burger Restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire”!

When you dine here it is guaranteed to always be a great time. Whether you’re on a date, with family, with friends or even alone, a popular dining experience is always waiting for you. At any time of day, we serve the famous dishes that everybody loves at the “Top Restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire”! Its irresistible taste would have you craving again and again, for sure! You know this well as people are talking about it on social media! So if you’re in for an enjoyable meal at a Rochester, New Hampshire restaurant, we are always the right choice. Why? For the very reason that we invest in a great and strategic location for the convenience that our customers can always count on. Situated in an amazing community, our restaurant is designed to be popular among the locals and even eager visitors and tourists! With cool, stylish interiors and an extra cozy clean space, we give an overall beautiful ambiance and a positive encounter every time. That’s just some of the great features that make us the best burger restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire.

Wild Willy’s provides its beloved customers with easy and efficient parking; an amenity that is always a huge perk at any restaurant. You are our highest priority and we know that your time is very important. Because of this, as the top restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire, we always want to guarantee that from the moment you drive into our parking lot to the moment you leave it, your experience is nothing but amazing. Other than offering you our many choices of hearty burgers, we give you easy, convenient parking that makes us the best choice to dine at when you’re in the area. That’s so you can experience and relish being in our community while enjoying our famous burgers without stressing out about parking when you’re in a rush or even when you’re in for a slow meal.

Here at Wild Willy’s, we are firm believers in the fact that good food is nothing without great service. So, with our well-trained team, we guarantee a friendly smile with every serve of our dishes to ensure you are having the “The Best Burger Restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire” experience. And it doesn’t stop with a smile. You can trust that they’re all ready to assist you in any way they can and ensure that you are in good hands. We invest in our team to confidently say that when you dine with us, you know that you are dining at a top restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire.

It isn’t all about having a helpful service staff with a friendly smile. To ensure that our service is great, we also make it fast! Making sure that the time it takes to prepare and cook our delicious burgers from the moment you order them does not outlast the time it takes for you to enjoy them is one of our strongest brand promises. So, if you’re famished when you came in, you can always trust that our team wearing the friendliest of smiles will always be on time in serving you that burger at what locals call the great go-to Rochester, New Hampshire restaurant. It’s a careful balance we like to maintain here – good food and great service.

We are proud to be a top restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire. Our mission in giving and guaranteeing great food and amazing service to anyone who comes into our doors makes us the choicest Rochester, New Hampshire restaurant. We are inspired by our beloved customers every day to keep serving them most wanted burgers with the freshest ingredients, special cooking techniques and the secret Wild Willy’s touch that make us the popular burger stop. Because we want to make every visit enjoyable and memorable for our beloved customers, we have well-trained service staff happy and ready to serve you. So, you get the most amazing burgers in the area and gain an unparalleled dining experience. And that’s not just for lip service! Our team is efficiently working together to create delightful at any of our locations with a fast and easy order taking process to the careful yet quick preparation to the delivery of our awesome meals to your table. We are efficient in our work as the choicest Rochester, New Hampshire restaurant for meaty burgers.

Here in Rochester, New Hampshire, there are quite a number of great restaurants, each with their own cuisines that define the city as a whole. Proud to say that we are one of those restaurants! Why? Because we are always on a mission to offer you, our customers, only the most decadent burgers and other menu items that made us really known in this area. When you get a taste, you will surely want more and crave more of our famous burgers. We pay close attention to our service and quality of dishes, from taste to texture, to consistency, and from aroma to appearance. This is just the reason why people consider us one of the top restaurants Rochester, New Hampshire. We have the most popular burgers with top-notch customer experience making us one of the best burger restaurants Rochester, New Hampshire. Proudly, we are part of what defines it.

You can come to the famous Rochester, New Hampshire restaurant and indulge in mouth-watering, Instagram-worthy meals when you visit Wild Willy’s. And we’ll surely be waiting for you with a smile. You can find us on social media sites, too! So when you need your questions answered, or if you just want to chat, give Wild Willy’s a search on any popular social media sites you use, and we’ll be your friend. Talk about the best burger restaurant Rochester, New Hampshire!